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Let us help you create your own personal safari experience. Our tailored African holidays combine unforgettable wildlife encounters with the very best camps and guides.

We are one of the preferred travel companies for savvy travellers from around the world, and we always work our hardest to ensure you get the best African safari possible, at the best possible price.

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Photo Blog: Africa’s Ugly Five

Photo Blog: Africa’s Ugly Five

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Tips for Identifying Birds on Safari

Tips for Identifying Birds on Safari

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Under African Skies

Under African Skies

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Impala Rutting Season

Impala Rutting Season

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Photo Blog: 5 Cute (but no so cuddly) Baby Animals

Photo Blog: 5 Cute (but no so cuddly) Baby Animals

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Thank you so much, with your excellent help, I had an amazing time/experience in Uganda. I will definitely be back and will use your services on my return

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D. Bolderston, Newzland, April 2014
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