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Let us help you create your own personal safari experience. Our tailored African holidays combine unforgettable wildlife encounters with the very best camps and guides.

We are one of the preferred travel companies for savvy travellers from around the world, and we always work our hardest to ensure you get the best African safari possible, at the best possible price.

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Lions take centre stage Nsefu Camp

Lions take centre stage Nsefu Camp

It was the second day of the new safari season at Nsefu Camp in South Luangwa, Zambia, and the stage was set for a grand opening courtesy of the lions. Prepping for brea... read more ›

Wildlife Rangers – the best and worst job in the world

Wildlife Rangers – the best and worst job in the world

Sitting behind a computer at a desk, it’s easy to glamourize the life of a ranger in our minds. Spending your days in the bush and experiencing wildlife encounters on ... read more ›

Boasting about Botswana

Boasting about Botswana

When it comes to top notch safari destinations, it’s hard to beat Botswana. An age-old safari favourite, Botswana is loved by travellers for its diverse landscapes, ab... read more ›

An Elephant Funeral

An Elephant Funeral

For centuries, humans have been completely fascinated by elephants and have spent great lengths of time observing and studying these gentle giants. Smart, emotional, cre... read more ›

Common (and silly) questions about travelling to Africa

Common (and silly) questions about travelling to Africa

Just the other day, my sister and I were chatting about her upcoming trip to London. ‘Can you drink the water from the taps? Do people own their own cars? What if I do... read more ›

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One of the best experiences we have ever had

Testimonial from L. Panini & E Goodfellow

L. Panini & E Goodfellow, France, March 2014
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