2017 Bucket List Ideas

December 22, 2016

Can you believe it is almost 2017 already? We certainly can’t.

Let’s face it, this past year wasn’t one of the best for most of the world. After 2016, almost everybody needs a good holiday. Therefore, our New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to help as many people as possible to achieve their bucketlist safaris. Whether it swimming at the edge of the Victoria Falls or gorilla trekking in Uganda, we want to make dreams come true.

To get you inspired, here are a few safari activities that definitely need to be added to your bucketlist:

Witness the Great Wildebeest Migration

The thrill of being in the midst of the migration on the golden plains of the Masai Mara is something that every traveller should experience at least once. With the number of wildebeest estimated at over 1 million, plus hundreds of thousands of other animals, this immense movement is often the singular reason many travelers go on safari to Africa. It’s not the most unique idea, but we believe you haven’t truly experienced Africa until you’ve personally witnessed this spectacle.

Great Migration Masai Mara

How to do it: Book a trip through us and we’ll custom make your migration safari to ensure you’re at the right place at the right time.

Go Gorilla Trekking

Trekking to see the last remaining wild mountain gorilla families in the misty mountains of Rwanda or Uganda is arguably the most rewarding and life-changing safari experience one can embark on. Not only is it a truly unique experience, but it also contributes directly to the preservation of the mountain gorillas themselves.

Mountain Gorilla

How to do it:
Join us for a personalised primate trekking safari.

Swim in Devil’s Pool

Dubbed ‘the most dangerous pool in Africa’, Devil’s Pool is a naturally occurring rock pool situated adjacent to the famous Livingstone Island situated on the edge of the Victoria Falls. Depending on the water levels, the pool is usually open to tourists between mid-August to mid-January. Led by professional and highly skilled guides, guests can swim to this pool and enjoy spectacular views over the edge of the falls. It sounds terrifying, but watch this video and you’ll understand why this pool is on so many people’s bucket list.

Devil's Pool

How to do it: Include a stay at the exclusive Tongabezi Lodge during your Zambia safari with us.

Bath in the Bush

If Devil’s Pool sounds a little too adventurous for your taste, a tamer (but still magical) experience is a classic bush bath. A relaxing bush bath, usually set up in a spectacularly scenic and private area, is a great way to unwind after a day on safari and is also a unique experience in itself. Imagine yourself in a bubble bath surrounded by candles, being serenaded by cicadas as the moon rises…tempted yet?

Safari Bush Bath

How to do it: Bush baths are quite acommon offering at most safari lodges, just chat to us and we’ll make sure that this is an option wherever you’re staying.

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