Photo Blog: 5 Cute (but no so cuddly) Baby Animals

April 3, 2017

Babies of any sort have universal appeal but nothing compares to baby animals.

For most of us, our first instinct is to go ‘aww’ and want to reach out to pet all of their cuteness. The following little ones may be adorable but we certainly wouldn’t recommend cuddling them.

1. Buffalo Calf


Photographed in Aberdares this sweet little buffalo will grow up to be a whopping 1000kg adult – neither cute nor cuddly!

2. Elephant Calf


This gorgeous baby elephant from the Masai Mara follows their mother closely – together with their herd, they could travel up to 80km in one day.

3. Warthog Piglet


Pictured here is a junior warthog, living in Murchison Falls. They may look super sweet but up close the hair on this baby’s coat is actually rather sparse and bristly.

4. Gorilla Infant


A baby gorilla in the Bwindi Impenetrable Park surveys their spot. The gorillas in the Park make up approximately half of the worlds critically endangered mountain gorilla population.

5. Hyena Cub


Much cuter than their adult self, this baby hyena from the Okavango Delta will grow up with one bad reputation – hyenas are widely disliked all over the continent. However, they are one of our favourites to spot while on safari.

There really is nothing more special than the beautiful sightings of juvenile creatures in the bush. Contacts us to start planning your safari today.



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