Boasting about Botswana

June 30, 2016

When it comes to top notch safari destinations, it’s hard to beat Botswana. An age-old safari favourite, Botswana is loved by travellers for its diverse landscapes, abundance of wildlife, rich culture and variety of welcoming luxury lodges.


Ronald Richardson recently booked his Botswana safari through us and described the experience as “excellent” in his review.  While we’d love tell you what else he had to say, that might be considered boasting! Instead, we’ll let you see for yourself what Ronald thought about his tailored Botswana Safari:

 “Patrick at Journeys Discovering Africa arranged our 11-day Botswana Explorer trip in June, 2016. Even though working at the last minute, Patrick managed to arrange a flawless itinerary. We proceeded through arrangements without incident. Every transfer, hotel, lodge, activity, and flight performed as expected, and there were no surprises.

Especially worth noting was the quality of the Botswana game lodge experience. In all cases, these lodges provided their guests with excellent administration, staff, drivers and guides, accommodations, and meals. Besides this first class hosting experience, all the wildlife of Africa is there for you to enjoy. Our Botswana experience was excellent, and we don’t hesitate to recommend Journeys Discovering Africa and Botswana as a matchless travel opportunity.”

-          ­ Review

There really is no denying the beauty of Botswana. From the luscious Okavango Delta and magical Chobe sunsets, to the stark Makgadikgadi Pans and dry scrub of the Kalahari Desert, a Botswana safari is one of the most authentic and well-rounded African experiences one can have.


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