Correction! Previous sighting of a Ruaha Chat uncovered…

July 12, 2012

Ruaha Chat videoed on Uganda birding safari by Daniel JimenezWe reported back on June 26th that Johnny Kamugisha, one of our top birding guides in Uganda, and Nik Borrow, an internationally respected bird artist and ornithologist, had spotted an assumed new birding record for Uganda – a Ruaha Chat – on one of our birding safaris. Nik and Johnny had checked all published records for Uganda and not found any reference to a previous Ruaha Chat sighting, so we chalked it up as a first.

However, it later transpired there had been one previous record, spotted in Bwindi in September 2010. At the time of this first sighting by Daniel Jimenez (seen here on the Internet Bird Collection), the bird was initially identified as a “melanistic Sooty Chat” and then placed in the category for White-headed Chats simply because of the newness of the species. The Ruaha Chat was only identified in a paper written in Sep 2009, and IBC did not yet have a separate category for this bird. Our thanks go to Brian Small who brought this earlier record to our attention.

Such is the dynamic and diverse nature of the Uganda birding scene that it can take some time for published reference books to catch up with the new birding records discovered every year. It may not have been a birding first on this occasion, but on a birding safari to Uganda, there is always a distinct possibility that you could be the one to claim a new birding record.

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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