Counting Hippos

December 21, 2011

HippoThe Uganda Wildlife Authority have just announced details of their 2012 Hippo Census Count in Queen Elizabeth National Park, with the news that this year, there are a limited number of places available for visitors who want to enjoy a unique opportunity to participate in a genuine conservation exercise. Visitors lucky enough to get one of the 28 places available (between 9th February to 3rd March 2012) will join a team of UWA researchers to collect data to help monitor changes in population trends, and establish the total population and distribution of Hippo in all fresh water bodies in QENP. Transport will usually be on a small marine patrol boat, or sometimes even on foot.

The need for regular Hippo Counts was established once it was realised how their status as a large biomass mammal plays a key role in habitat modification, and any changes to their population can negatively affect overall  ecosystem health. The UWA plans to conduct Hippo Counts every two years, so anyone participating in this unique tourism opportunity will be one of only a handful lucky enough to have done so.

We will be offering interested clients travelling in Uganda in February the chance to participate in the Hippo Count, subject to place availability. For more information about how we can build this exciting activity into your safari itinerary, please contact us at

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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