Cultural Safaris in Africa

May 15, 2018
eric lafforgue and stephanie ledoux

Photo © Eric Lafforgue and Stephanie LeDoux

Africa’s iconic wildlife and landscapes are often the focus of a safari itinerary, however, there is much more to this continent just waiting to be explored.

The idea of a cultural safari is often misunderstood. It can bring to mind some cringe-worthy images of khaki-clad tourists watching jaded locals performing superficial tribal dancing. Unfortunately, this might be the truth for some so-called ‘cultural safaris’, but it’s certainly not how we do it here at Journeys Discovering Africa.

While all our safaris offer you with the opportunity to learn more about Africa and its various cultures and traditions, a few of our safaris aim to take you deeper and provide you with the privilege of learning more about how individual communities tackle the challenge of integrating traditional ways with rapid modern advancements.

Here are a few ways that we explore the cultural aspects of Africa:

Multi-Day Hike in Kigezi Highlands

The Kigezi Highlands in Uganda is one of the few places in Africa that lets you slow your pace down to that of the local people. A multi-day hike through these scenic, terraced hills allows you the time to stay with the residents in their homes and engage in priceless interactions and experiences with the welcoming people of the region, getting a true taste of how life is lived in the area.

Kigezi Highlands in Uganda

Spend time with the Samburu

Kenya offers a rich variety of cultural experiences with plenty of opportunities to get involved with local villages. From school and village visits to shopping at the local market, there are many opportunities for cultural day trips, however, for a more immersive experience, we recommend spending a few nights with the Samburu or Borana in Northern Kenya. During this time, you will be able to learn how the tribes are managing their own wildlife resources and enjoying an existence largely unchanged for centuries.

samburu tribe kenya

Photo © Jimmy Nelson

Visit the San or the Himba

Despite having one of the world’s lowest population densities, Namibia offers some of the best cultural experience in Africa. Here, you have the chance to visit the San or the Himba people and get a glimpse into a radically different cultural background and see how human beings have adapted to life in the harshest conditions.

himba tribe in Namibia

When participating in our cultural safaris, you can rest assured that our practices are all completely ethical and sustainable. Get in touch with us for more information or to begin planning your ideal safari holiday.


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