What better way is there to travel than to take a wildlife safari in one of Africa’s top eight safari destinations? South Africa boasts fabulous camps and lodges and mind-blowing wildlife encounters almost on tap. Tanzania is home to some incredible wildlife spectacles including the Great Migration; Botswana contains the Okavango, Chobe and Kalahari, which offer some of the best game viewing in the world, as do walking safaris in Zambia’s South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi. Kenya virtually invented the big game safari, and now leads the way in community conservation.

Rwanda’s `Thousand Hills’ play host to Fossey’s mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, whilst Uganda offers an amazing diversity of scenery, great apes and wildlife all right on the equator. Namibia is full of unforgettable lunar landscapes and huge vistas, and offers a completely different expereince of the continent.

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A Tanzania safari should, by necessity, be repeated two or three times. The sheer size of the place demands it, and there is so much to experience that a single visit will not do it justice.


Kenya is the oldest, and one of the most “well-known” safari destinations. Less well known is that on a contemporary Kenya safari, you can lose yourself for days on end, untroubled by crowds.


Uganda is an ecological crossroads, with great forests to the west, savanna to the east, desert to the north and vast scrubland to the south, it’s little wonder that this place leaves visitors amazed.


Rwanda is tiny, and a leisurely safari around the entire country will not take more than 10 days. For all its diminutive size, Rwanda packs a punch in the wildlife stakes, and offers a rich cultural smorgasbord to boot.


A safari in Zambia stands out for the prolific wildlife you will see, and the manner in which you see it. The walking safari was practically invented here, and viewing wildlife by canoe will be one of your most cherished memories.


A safari in Namibia stimulates the senses quite unlike one in any other African destination. The ancient desert landscapes and the celebrated gatherings of wildlife all make for a surreal and satisfying experience.

South Africa

South Africa's rich and varied wildlife combined with a superb collection of luxury lodges dotted amongst private game reserves make it ideal for the first time safari-goer or for the seasoned traveller who likes their safari to be top-class.


Botswana is blessed with some of the greatest wilderness areas in the world, that combine to make a Botswana safari one of the most well-rounded and complete African experiences one can have.

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