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Incredibly good service! Felt welcome and taken care of - most impressive was the opportunity to mingle in the community, learn about educational and healthcare...

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- S & B Schechter, USA, February 2014

Loved Rwanda, and looking forward to coming back. Everything was very easy and we deeply appreciated that all was gathered in a 'one time shop'.

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- D Del Rio, Mexico, December 2013

James, our guide, was excellent. He became a friend. Everything was outstanding.

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- The Rezzonico Family, Italy, March 2013

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To travel to Namibia is to detox the soul, to develop cramp in your camera trigger finger as you to try and drink in yet another ridiculously hallucinogenic

A safari in Namibia stimulates the senses quite unlike one in any other African destination. The ancient desert landscapes of the NamibRand Nature Reserve and the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the historical buildings of Windhoek and Swakopmund, the arid beauty of Kaokoland and Damaraland and the celebrated gatherings of wildlife at Etosha’s water holes all make for a surreal experience.

A collection of elegant and quirky camps and lodges linked by an excellent road and air network allows us to bring you to a place that easily enchants, whether you are a novice or experienced traveler. Many of our clients choose to enjoy one of the numerous opportunities to explore Namibia on foot. A hike through Sossusvlei or even the formidable Fish River Canyon is a great addition to a Namibia safari.


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The Best Time To Visit Namibia

With an average of 300 sunny days a year, you can’t really go wrong, no matter what time of year you visit. Carry a jumper though! Night time temperatures can fall to below freezing in May to September.


Namib Naukluft National Park

Sossusvlei Sand Dunes Namibia

The middle section of the 19,000-square-mile park contains Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, clay pans surrounded by giant red sand dunes. Bordering the park to the east is the NamibRand National Reserve, which contains all the features of the “Pro Namib”: gravel and sand plains, savannah, dunes and mountains. These fragile ecosystems and their desert-adapted plants and animals are explored by vehicle, on foot or in a balloon floating over the huge expanses.



Damaraland Namibia

Further north, the reds and ochres give way to golds and yellows. The land is no less open and vast, but here we start to find slightly more wildlife. The south is more barren and noted for its geological formations – the “badlands” of Africa, comprised of granite outcrops and extinct volcanic craters. Northern Damaraland is higher and transitions to a savannah landscape that is able to bear denser populations of wildlife.


Etosha Pan

Etosha Lion www.journeysdiscoveringafrica.com

Damaraland blends into the Etosha National Park. one of Africa’s great wildlife parks, the 8,600-square-mile is dominated by the Etosha pan, a huge salt lake that only briefly fills with water during the summer wet season. Etosha is known for its waterholes, where numerous herbivores, driven by the heat and their thirst will congregate to drink in the hottest part of the day, when predators are resting in the shade. This concentration of wildlife makes Etosha an extremely rewarding wildlife experience.



Kaokoland Namibia

Even by Namibian standards, Kaokoland is wild. Tucked up in the north west, near the Angolan border, the area is drier in the south, but it gets greener the further north we travel to the Kunene River. Largely mountainous and extremely sparsely populated, Kaokoland is home to the Himba people, who are the epitome of humans living a lifestyle largely unchanged for centuries, in harmony with nature.


Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast Namibia www.journeysdiscoveringafrica.com

A narrow strip of land that runs up the north west coastline of Namibia, the Skeleton Coast was named for the bones of whales that once washed up on the shore, and for the numerous shipwrecks that litter its length. Now a 6,000 square-mile national park, this windy, wild and extremely dry stretch of coast protects many species that have adapted to the extreme conditions by capturing moisture from the fogs that regularly occur. The river valleys further inland are inhabited by Africa’s only naturally-occurring Black Rhino population, as well as desert elephants, lions and other smaller predators.


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Namibia Safari Ideas

Namibia Flying Safari

An 8-day luxury flying safari showing the best of Namibia's highlights: Sossusvlei, Damaraland and Etosha National Park read more ›

Namibia Flying Safari
  • Safari series: Wildlife
  • From (per person): $6,788
  • Safari length: 8 days
  • Country: Namibia

Namibia Luxury Safari

An absolutely top-notch 11-day luxury flying safari that takes you to the stunning desert landscapes and wildlife of Namibia, using some of the very best camps available. read more ›

Namibia Luxury Safari
  • Safari series: Wildlife
  • From (per person): $11,509
  • Safari length: 11 days
  • Country: Namibia


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