Five fantastic safari ideas

February 29, 2016

As clichéd as it might sound, there is no doubt in our minds that safaris are good for your soul. An adventure into the African wilderness is bound to awaken your senses and give you a whole new lease on life. Being the African safari fundis that we are, we know this to be absolutely true. The only difficult part about going on safari is actually choosing what to focus your time and energy on during your trip. While it would of course be wonderful to be able to do everything that Africa has to offer, this is a luxury afforded only to those with bottomless bank accounts and endless amounts of vacation time. For the rest of us though, here are 5 safari ideas that will have you packing your travel bags and heading straight to Africa…

Wildlife Safaris

Starting with the most obvious reason for a trip to Africa, wildlife safaris are specifically aimed at taking guests to areas with abundant wildlife and providing them with as many animal sightings as possible. The variety of wildlife in Africa is utterly astonishing and almost every country has a different spectacle to offer us. From the famous annual wildebeest migration, to walking safaris in Zambia, to canoeing past a family of elephants in the Okavango Delta, there is a magical quality to it all.


Gorilla Safaris

Trekking to see the last remaining mountain gorillas in the misty mountains of Uganda or Rwanda is widely considered one of Africa’s last true wilderness experiences. Mountain gorillas are gentle, intelligent and shy creatures with complex family structures. Gorilla safaris focus on providing guests with one of the most memorable experience of their lives.


Adventure Safaris

Adventure safaris are perfect for the thrill seekers, fitness fanatics and adrenalin junkies out there. Whether white water rafting down the Nile, climbing Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, or doing a multi-day hike of the Fish River Canyon, an adventure safari is bound to get your blood pumping.


Beach Holidays

For a more relaxing safari, a beach holiday is the way to go. Scattered along the East Coast of Africa, lies a few very special and secluded beaches, with the properties on Vamizi and Quilalea islands in Mozambique, and the Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania being our favourite locations. You will think that you have landed in your own personal paradise.


Cultural Safari

Meet, talk to, laugh with, and be guided by Africans of every background on a cultural safari. Africa comes from a turbulent past and is growing, shifting and adapting on a daily basis. A cultural safari encourages interaction with local communities and focuses on meaningful interactions and learning so that guests will leave with a deeper understanding and insight into African cultures.


It is impossible to say which safari option is best as they are each so uniquely special and have so much to offer guests. However, what we know is that whatever your desired experience though, here at Journeys Discovering Africa we pride ourselves in being able to tailor make your safari to meet your specific requirements based on your time, budget, interests, pace and needs.

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