JDA joins growing list of Fair Game Heroes

February 6, 2013

Journeys Discovering Africa has been privileged to be listed as a Fair Game Hero in a new responsible tourism initiative being spearheaded by UK conservation campaigner Jeremy Smith.

The poaching problem in Africa is in danger of spiralling out of control, with recent reports that poaching has reached levels not seen for decades. The BBC claims that 2011 saw the illegal killing of 25,000 elephants. And while data is still being collated for 2012, it looks set to be greater still, and countless more are suffering debilitating snare or weapon injuries from failed poaching attempts.

Elephant with snare injury This new Fair Game initiative is designed to rally the tourism industry into taking action against a problem which threatens its very existence, at an industry-wide level, before it’s too late. Fair Game aims to do for wildlife tourism what Fair Trade has done for introducing ethical business guidelines for international producers of goods from coffee to handcrafts.

Guidelines for Fair Game tourism companies stipulate the need to support local wildlife protection in the destinations member companies operate, such as donating a meaningful percentage of their profits to a local conservation charity. Journeys Discovering Africa was included as one of the first Fair Game Hero tour operators thanks, in part, to our ongoing involvement and support of the Uganda Conservation Foundation.

UCF working on a veterinary intervention in Uganda (photo by UCF)

The certification scheme will also help raise awareness among travellers and safari enthusiasts, acting as a trusted guide to selecting a tour company or lodge who actively supports anti-poaching activities in their destination.

After publishing an article online, Jeremy has received a flood of supportive messages from individuals and companies, some of whom he has nominated for the very first list of ‘Fair Game Heroes’. The list is sure to grow, as the concept gains traction within the industry and gathers momentum.

Until then, here are a few simple tips for how you can help:

  • Spread the word – follow Fair Game on Twitter or like their page on Facebook and retweet and share their updates with your own friends and followers
  • Nominate a company to be considered for Fair Game Heroes – if you have travelled with any safari operators who deserve recognition for their support of local anti-poaching and conservation initiatives then Fair Game want to hear about it


Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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