Let’s Dance!

February 1, 2013

Many of our guests visiting Rwanda on their gorilla trekking safari also get to experience magical displays of traditional Rwandan dance. Music and dancing are a key component of Rwandan culture, and are central to to many local ceremonies, storytelling techniques and festivals.

Intore Dancer, Rwanda (Photo by Hoggett)

The most famous of Rwanda’s traditional dances is known as Intore, and comprises three highly choreographed set pieces: the ballet, performed by the women; the dance of heroes, performed by the men; and drumming, which has great significance, royal drummers having an elevated status in Rwanda’s royal courts.

Intore Ballet, Rwanda (Photo by Hoggett)

Traditional dance displays can be experienced when on safari in Volcanoes National Park, either by visiting the nearby Iby’iwacu Cultural Village, where they encourage guests to try their hand at traditional drumming, or by enjoying a performance at your safari lodge. Alternatively, there are dance displays in the capital city of Kigali, which can be a great way to spend an evening.

Dance of Heroes (Intore), Rwanda (photo by Hoggett)

In fact, any dance fans visiting Rwanda from 23rd February-2nd March 2013 will be spoiled for choice, as Rwanda is hosting the Pan African Dance Festival (FESPAD) at this time. The festival will feature traditional dance troupes from all over Africa in dramatic performances filled with explosive colour and rhythm. Dance competitions and music concerts will be held across the country during this time.

Intore Dancer, Rwanda (Photo by Hoggett)

So if the sound of an African drum gets your toes tapping, why not book a last minute safari with Journeys Discovering Africa. We can customise any of of our Rwanda tours to include visits to dance performances, such as this energetic Intore group, as photographed by our clients the Hoggett family, who travelled with us late last year.

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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