Making Safari Dreams Come True

August 11, 2016

“I wasn’t born in Africa, but Africa was born in me.” – Anonymous


Africa is a place of raw beauty and unimaginable experiences and it is our belief that you haven’t really lived until you’ve been there. For many first time visitors, it can be an eye-opening experience but at the same time, Africa has a way of making you feel like you are truly ‘home’. Sandra from the United States travelled with us to Uganda and Rwanda in July and described it as a “wonderful safari experience” in her review. This what else she had to say about the trip:

Journeys Discovering Africa absolutely made my dreams come true! I had long wanted to travel to Africa to see the gorillas and other animals but I wasn’t sure where to even start planning such an adventure. It turns out, all I had to do was contact JDA who helped me through the process. I am eternally thankful for that. My trip to Uganda and Rwanda surpassed all of my dreams and expectations.

Through the entire planning process Grace, my tour consultant, always answered my questions quickly and kindly. She also checked on me regularly once I arrived in Africa. Had it not been for her helpfulness, I may have never actually pursued the trip.

Davis, my guide, was outstanding in every way. He was professional, a good communicator, and I am still amazed by his knowledge of Uganda/Rwanda, its landscape, animals, people, and culture. It was a joy to learn from him! He met with me every evening to review the next day’s itinerary – which helped me feel comfortable and it also elicited excitement in me for the next day’s activities! He reviewed specifically meal times, drive times, locations, activities, how to be prepared, and what to wear when going to see the gorillas, etc. I was always made to feel comfortable. As a woman travelling alone, safety was important to me. Davis always ensured that I felt safe and happy with the experience. He was the best! His demeanour really made my entire trip an optimal experience.

All I can think of since I returned home is: When can I go back to Africa?

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