Never a dull moment – gorilla trekking in Rwanda

October 23, 2012

Our clients in Rwanda have had some exciting moments tracking gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in the Virungas over the last month. Earlier in October, some of our clients who were tracking the Sabyinyo family had a bit of shock – when they first discovered the gorillas, the family were on the move – running from a herd of forest elephants! Sometimes elephants and gorillas have territorial battles. Luckily no harm was done (to gorillas, elephants or clients!) and our guests returned brimming with excitement at having witnessed such a spectacle.

Karevuro, Silverback gorilla in Rwanda (Photo by Martin Muyenzi)

The gorillas themselves also sometimes fight for territory between families – or for dominance within the group. The latter happened recently, in the Kwitonda group. Their previous silverback, the eponymous Kwitonda, sadly passed away late last month. Since then the group has seen various claims to the throne. Finally, after a few battles, Karevuro has emerged as the new alpha male for Kwitonda group. The group is now made up of 23 individuals including 3 silverbacks.

Karevuro is pictured here in a great action shot take by our guide Martin Muyenzi, who went tracking with our clients on Sunday 21st October.

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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