New ways your safari gives back

December 16, 2011

UCFWe have long supported the Uganda Conservation Foundation, which was established to help previously war-stricken, high biodiversity regions of Uganda recover their animal populations and solve issues of human-wildlife conflict. However, we have recently been looking to increase our involvement with the Foundation, and for more ways for us and our clients help raise valuable funds for their projects.

The Foundation evolved from from a 1990s project, ‘Elephants, Crops and People’, undertaken by Michael Keigwin in Ishasha (QENP). The project is still a core pillar of UCF activity, with Elephant trenches and Bee-fences being constructed and maintained by local committees to protect local farmland and valuable crops, as well as the implementation of community income generation schemes.

UCF are known as a highly proactive organisation – with 90% of donations going straight to the field. We are pleased to announce we will now be making a donation to UCF projects for every safari sold. So every journey discovering Africa with us will directly benefit the wildlife and communities of Uganda’s national parks. Initially, donations will be channelled to help support the Elephant trenches and Bee-fences in Ishasha, where eventually, visitors will be able to enjoy a guided tour of the project and learn more about the organisation’s work. The tour would raise income for UCF and for the local community members involved in conducting the activity.

Clients who want to learn more about the organisation’s work, or make a donation themselves, will soon be able to refer to a donation leaflet in their safari welcome pack. In the meantime, more information on membership and donations to UCF can be found here.

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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