September 21, 2012

Rwanda safari accommodationLast week Nyungwe Forest Lodge invited the top 5 tour operators in Rwanda (us included) to a special function to celebrate two of their recent awards. Nyungwe Forest Lodge received a 5 star rating last year, and is the only lodge in Rwanda to have done so. The only other property to be rated this highly is the Kigali Serena. The lodge also received a special award from the International Hotel Awards in the category for Best International New Small Hotel / Construction & Design.

Rwanda safari lodgeNyungwe Forest Lodge is situated in a lush tea plantation overlooking the canopy of the forest itself. Built to blend in with the surrounding environment, it is the only luxury safari lodge in this area of southern Rwanda. The lodge is a perfect place to relax and enjoy long (or short) hikes through the forest, spotting primates, butterflies, birds or simply taking in the great diversity of trees and plants. It is increasingly popular with those visitors to Rwanda who want to take the time to properly explore the country, but can be easily reached by road or by a scheduled flight departing daily from Kigali. To check out a sample itinerary which includes a stay at Nyungwe Forest Lodge, take a look at our Rwanda Primates luxury safari tour.

Nyungwe Forest National Park offers circa 1,000km2 of pristine rainforest, with 13 different primate species, and is well known to primatologists as the place to find the largest family groups of Colobus in the world (they congregate in groups of up to 400). It also boasts East Africa’s only Canopy Walk – a metal walkway suspended high above the canopy for a bird’s eye view of forest life.

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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