Photo Blog: ‘Only in Africa’ Moments

January 30, 2018


Africa has a reputation for erring on the slightly unconventional side of life.

After all, it’s a unique combination of built-up urban areas and utterly remote wilderness, and when the two of those meet, things can get a little bizarre. Here are some examples of ‘Only in Africa’ moments:

1. Who needs a fancy baby stroller when you can make something just as good with some bamboo, a feed bag and a makeshift wheel? This photo taken by Andy Hogg of the Bushcamp Company shows just how ingenious people can be when they need to be.

DIY Baby Stroller

2. Traffic signs take on a whole new purpose in Africa. In most places, pedestrians and cyclists are the most you need to watch out for on the roads, but in wildest Africa, you’re sharing the road with all sorts of animals that always have right of way.



3. Although it’s not true that lions roam the streets of Africa, they do often roam around unfenced safari camps. And just like naughty housecats, they can often get up to quite a bit of mischief. Just take a look at these two lionesses playing tug-of-war with the bathroom door handle at Robin Pope Safari’s Nkwali Camp!


4. The below photo teaches us that in Africa, a sense of humour is absolutely essential. Take this along with you on every safari and you’re bound to have yourself a blast.


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