Photo Blog: Spring has Sprung

September 22, 2017

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We are already well into September which means spring has officially sprung down in the Southern Hemisphere safari country.

During this time of the year, many popular safari destinations such as Botswana, Zambia and South Africa, are beginning to transition into hottest period of the year. For many regions, this also means the start of the rainy season. dubbed the ‘Green Season’, the rains breathe new life into the bush and it transforms into a lush oasis for wildlife during these months.

To celebrate the start of this new season, here are some fun photos of animals with a ‘spring’ in their step:

1. Going down! This lioness, photographed by Patrick Shah in the Serengeti, decided to make a quick exit from her vantage point in this tree by springing down in one swift motion.


2. Wildebeest making the leap into the Mara River during the Wildebeest Migration.


3. An adorable tree squirrel makes a speedy getaway in the Okavango.


4. No wet hooves for this male bushbuck! Photographed in the Okavango Delta, he opted to jump over the patch of water rather than get his feet dirty.

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While the dry, winter months may have the reputation of being the best time to go on safari, spring is also a magical time to be out in the wild. For some inspiration on where to go for the best spring safari experiences, check out our Africa Geographic blog.

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