Photo Blog: The Beauty of Birds

July 31, 2017


Obviously, nobody gave birds the strict safari guidelines of ‘neutral coloured attire only – khaki, beige and brown’.

Most people go on safari to see iconic African wildlife such as lions, elephants, and rhinos. And quite rightly so! These animals are all incredible to witness in their natural environment. However, while big game sightings are very exciting, the experience relies heavily on being in the right place at the right time. That’s not to say that there’s nothing to see in-between sightings though! On the contrary, birdlife is so prolific in Africa’s wilderness areas that no matter where you go, you’re guaranteed to spot some beautiful birds. After all, while lions are fearsome and elephants are awe-inspiriting, birds are the real beauty queens of the bush.

Just take a look at these beautiful brightly-coloured, feathered creatures:

Southern Carmine Bee Eater
With their striking pinkish-red plumages, even if you have no interest in birding, it’s impossible to not be impressed by Southern Carmine Bee Eaters.


Woodland Kingfisher
Boasting bright blue feathers, the Woodland Kingfisher is one of the most beautiful of the Kingfishers found in Southern Africa.


Crested Barbet
With its thick bill, yellow plumage and speckled yellow and red face with a small black crest the Crested Barbet is unmistakable, but quite tricky to spot as they like to stick to the woodlands.


Male Red Bishop and Yellow Backed Weaver
Sharing the spotlight in this picture, the Red Bishop and Yellow Backed Weaver are both weavers belonging to family Ploceidae. These brightly-coloured males are both in breeding plumage, however their female counterparts are far less pretty.


Abyssinian Roller
Both male and female Abyssinian Rollers are mostly blue in colour with a warm brown back. They can be found across tropical Africa in a belt south of the Sahara. Despite their cute appearance, these feisty little birds have been known to dive at humans and perceived intruders that get too close to their nesting sites.


These are just a handful of the stunning species that you could expect to see while on safari. For an opportunity to see these stunning birds in their natural habitat, visit our website and get in touch for a custom-built itinerary trip.

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