Photo Blog: Winter Wonderland in Southern Africa

May 23, 2018

winter safari in southern africa

Photo © Mfuwe Lodge

A winter wonderland in Southern Africa might not involve snow or Christmas trees, but it offers a myriad of other delights to be enjoyed by travellers.

As we head towards the middle of the year, the changing of the seasons begins to become more and more obvious. In Southern Africa, June marks the arrival of winter. While the days are slightly cooler and shorter, temperatures remain generally quite moderate and it’s renowned as being the best time of the year for a Southern Africa safari.

Here are 4 photos that prove that winter is the ultimate safari season:

Best Season for Wildlife Sightings


Winter is the dry season for most of Southern Africa, and many water resources dry up during these months. This forces the thirsty wildlife to congregate around the remaining water sources, making it much easier find wildlife while on safari.

Witness the Okavango Delta in Flood

Okavango Delta safari

Photo © Gunns Camp

While winter is technically the dry season in Botswana, this is when the Okavango delta is in full flood. This makes it the best time of year to experience the water-based activities on offer.

Avoid the Crowds

rhino river lodge manyoni private game reserve

While it’s the best season for a safari, the winter months in southern Africa tend to be a low-season for travel. As a result, travellers are virtually guaranteed an intimate, uncrowded safari experience, and many lodges offer discounted rates during these months.

Better Weather

Rhino sands safari camp

Photo © Rhino Sands Safari Camp

Summer in Southern Africa can be seriously hot, and also quite rainy in areas…not ideal for spending long hours in an open-sided game vehicle looking for wildlife! Winter provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. The other major perk of this change in season is the reduced presence of pesky mosquitos. As mosquitos use stagnant water to lay their eggs in, the dry, cool weather hampers the mosquitos’ ability to breed, and therefore populations decrease drastically during this time.

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