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September 20, 2012

Earlier this year, our General Manager of the Uganda office went on safari to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Only four hours from Kampala, Ziwa is a great place to stop en route to exploring Murchison Falls National Park, or to visit in its own right. The sanctuary is home to a growing population of Northern white rhino, as well as lots of other wildlife – elegant Bushbuck dart through the trees at your approach, Duiker and Oribi nervously poke their heads out from behind a bush, and the birdlife is simply superb.

Whilst there, we enjoyed rhino tracking on foot, which offered the thrill of being up close to a wild Rhino – as well as the opportunity to see some of Ziwa’s new generation – the latest Rhino babies born on the sanctuary. We also enjoyed an excellent new activity that is offered by the sanctuary – a birding canoe and walking safari around the Lugogo wetlands. Ziwa has over 350 birds on its birdlist – which for an area of 70 km2 is not bad going – and is starting to get a reputation as offering a high chance of seeing the sought-after Shoebill. We saw two of these prehistoric-looking birds, standing sentry over their swamps, waiting for the moment to strike as they hunted frogs and lungfish.

Unexpectedly, we also joined the rangers on a call-out to attempt a rescue of a four and a half metre python that had been attacked by a crocodile. A night or two spent at Ziwa is certainly never dull! Sadly the snake did not survive, but the photos show the bravery and dedication of the rangers who work at the Sanctuary.

Ziwa is definitely a must-see highlight of any Uganda safari and is definitely worth including on your tour itinerary for at least one night.

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Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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