Riding High on Mount Kenya

July 2, 2013

When a knee condition prevented Charly Beak from joining her school friends in climbing Mount Kenya at the end of their summer term, she did not let such a minor medical issue stand in her way. She simply decided to attempt the trek on horseback instead.

Charly Beak with Lilla, the pony she is riding on her Mount Kenya challenge (photo by Mount Kenya Trust)Charly started her epic trek on Sunday, riding a pony called Lilla (pictured together above) and accompanied by members of the Mount Kenya Trust Horse Patrol. She rode to Liki North Camp, at an altitude of 3,993m, and hopes to make it as far as Shipton’s Camp – the final camp before the Lenana summit. Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya at 5,199m and the second-highest in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Reports from the teams on the mountain confirm that both horses and riders are all doing well.

Historically, there have been examples of Zebroids (a cross between a horse and a zebra) being used as pack animals for Mount Kenya expeditions, but Charly is believed to be the youngest person ever attempting to climb Mount Kenya on horseback.

Mount Kenya Horse Patrol (Photo copyright Tom Gilks & Mount Kenya Trust)Her very special horseback safari will raise money for the Mount Kenya Trust Horse Patrol (pictured above in a photo by Tom Gilks), a team of mounted wildlife rangers introduced recently by the Mount Kenya Trust to help combat illegal logging and wildlife poaching in the mountain forests of this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mount Kenya Trust was set up to help protect this ecologically important national park and reserve.

If you would like to join Journeys Discovering Africa in supporting Charly’s efforts, please visit her fund-raising page now and make a donation to this very worthy cause.

Posted by Anne-Marie Weeden

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