Sleep beneath the Stars

June 21, 2017

Garonga Safari Lodge

Call us crazy, but we’d far rather forgo the luxuries of a five-star hotel in favour of a million-star experience under the African night sky.

Blanketed by the sparkling milky way, surrounded by the sounds of nocturnal creatures rustling around the night – sleeping beneath the stars is a magical safari experience not to be missed when travelling to Africa.

Luckily for us, this activity is rapidly gaining popularity with travelers, and more and more top-notch lodges are staring to offer sleep-out experiences that would rival any luxury hotel room. Think four-poster beds, mosquito nets and splendid locations – there’s nothing rustic about this activity.

While it’s impossible to name them all, here are just a few of our favourite spots to sleep under the African night sky:

Little Kulala Lodge, Namibia
Built in the heart of the Namib, Little Kulala is the closest luxury desert retreat to the magnificent Sossusvlei sand dunes. Being one of the least populated countries in the world, Namibia boasts very little light pollution and is the ideal place to view interfered views of the clear, starry night sky.

Little Kulala Sleep Out Deck

Each of the chalets at Little Kulala offer their own ‘star platforms’ and guests can choose whether to spend the night outdoors, or retire back indoors after a couple hours of stargazing. However, those who chose to spend the entire night on the star beds can expect to be treated to the most incredible sunrise in the morning.

Garonga Safari Camp, South Africa
Situated within the Makalali Conservancy, a short drive from the camp, Garonga’s sleep-out will make you rethink your definition of a ‘tree house’. Overlooking a waterhole, the raised deck has a four-poster bed, ‘loo with a view’ and an intimate dining area.

Garonga Sleep Out Deck

After enjoying a private meal while the sun sets over the horizon, guests are left alone for the night to enjoy the sights and sounds of the reserve.  It’s a truly romantic experience.

Kanana, Okavango Delta
Overlooking an expansive waterhole, the sleep out deck at Kanana is a 20-minute drive from camp and is known for not only it’s brilliant starlit views, but also for the abundance of birds that live around the area.

Kanana Sleep Out Deck

After enjoying dinner in camp, guests are escorted to the deck, where flickering lamps and a comfortable bed beneath a mosquito net awaits. To ensure guests rest as ease, an armed guide will sleep nearby in his own tent – ready and waiting to assist if need be.

Cicadas chirruping, hyenas howling and stars twinkling – we couldn’t think of a more unique and romantic roof to fall asleep under.

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