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The Wonderlands of Africa’s Wetlands

Today we celebrate World Wetlands Day and raise awareness about the importance of these sites of rich wildlife. Throughout Africa, wetlands form some of the most important, productive ecosystems on the continent, often acting as the primary source of water, …

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What the Botswana Drought Means for Your Safari

The Botswana drought has caused particularly dry conditions over this year’s winter season, which have in turn, led to opportunities for some fantastic game-viewing whilst on safari. The dry winter season is widely considered to be the best period to …

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Best safari in Africa? This one wont break the bank.

While every African safari destination is special in its own right, there are some firm favourites that are on the top of many travellers’ bucket-lists. A Best of Africa safari offers the unique opportunity to encounter the continent’s most celebrated …

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2019 African Safari: Botswana vs Kenya

Both Botswana and Kenya have been voted among the best destinations to travel to in 2019 but how do you know which one is for you? Forbes has included Botswana and Kenya in their list of 19 Best Places to …

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