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6 of Africa’s Weirdest (and Sometimes Dangerous) Wildlife

We dare you to read on about these sometimes dangerous, often scary and always fairly weird-looking creatures that belong to Africa. As Halloween gets ready to knock on our door, we give offer you a treat in the form of …

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Exhilarating adventure safaris in Africa

Get your adventure kicks whilst on safari in Africa. Holidays in Africa can be as exciting for extreme adventurers as traditional safari enthusiasts. Activities are diverse, generally incorporating some adventures that will keep you on dry land and others that …

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Packing tips for an African safari

Make sure to include these five items in your packing list for a great safari experience. From trekking through the mountains of Uganda and Rwanda to find the mighty silverback gorilla to dining with your fellow travellers back at your …

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What makes the Great Migration so great?

There has been some great, Great Migration action taking place in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem recently. By this stage, you have probably seen images or footage of this indescribable phenomenon online or in the news. While animal migrations take place all …

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Boasting about Botswana

When it comes to top notch safari destinations, it’s hard to beat Botswana. An age-old safari favourite, Botswana is loved by travellers for its diverse landscapes, abundance of wildlife, rich culture and variety of welcoming luxury lodges. Ronald Richardson recently …

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Wild dog Wildography

One of our favourite African animals pose for the camera with toothy grins as we take some time to get to know them better… Picture an Alsatian…with spots and ears the size of satellites. That’s basically a wild dog. Don’t …

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Susa family take a “holiday” from gorilla trekking

The Susa gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda have long been the group that were known to present the biggest hiking challenge for those assigned this particular family group. High in the Virungas, Susa migrate further up the …

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