R Ruhl, United States, August 2013

September 9, 2013

I just returned from an independent photographic journey to Kenya crafted by JDA and myself. First of all, my travel consultant,Patrick, attentively listened to my specific wish-list events that I wanted to experience (black rhinos, solo game drives, skilled trackers and flexible lodging plans). I got all of the above and more! As a result of this detailed tailoring, I experienced remarkable photo opportunities and teamwork from local guides, hosts, trackers… I captured numerous photos of the amazing rhinos, unexpected spectacular predators, and had the time I needed to set up for the best shots possible. That is vital! Secondly, while I have previously seen the African big five, I remarkably saw the big five in ONE afternoon of this trip! Having traveled a great deal, I have booked independent adventures with other companies; I will, in future, hold this trip as THE standard and again confidently consult and book with JDA for my upcoming journeys. Thank you, JDA, for listening to me, helping me fulfill my wish list and connecting me with warm respectful and effective professionals in Kenya who hosted and led me wisely to the best field sites possible.

Posted by tfhadmin

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