To Safari or Not? What our 2018 Clients Say

November 26, 2018

We’ve had a wonderful time on safari this year, and by the looks of their reviews, so have our guests. Here are some of them:

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My third excellent safari experience

Stars: 5/5
Author: Sandra K (United States)
Visited: September 2018

I have now worked with Journeys Discovering Africa three years in a row for my safari trips to Uganda and Rwanda to see gorillas, chimpanzees, and golden monkeys. Each experience was excellent, and the communication and attention I received from Journeys Discovering Africa exceeded my expectations each time. They were easy to work with, friendly, professional, and got all of the details right. The integrated my preferences to the itinerary while using their own experience in the field to design a trip of my dreams…. three times!!!

Excellent & thoughtful service

Stars: 5/5
Author: Jamison
Visited: August 2018

We had the pleasure of visiting Rwanda and Uganda this past August (2018). Journeys Discovering Africa helped us to tailor our trip to exactly what we desired to do. Our trip consisted of 4 four hotels, 4 major activities, 2 countries (Rwanda and Uganda), 2 regional flights, and 2 guides (one in each country). Our admin contact did a great job to inform us of what to expect at every step, sent us briefings of how to prepare and followed up with us (by phone) after each activity. At every stage of the trip we felt well looked after and very comfortable.

Botswana was wonderful & would not have been possible without the help of Journeys Discovering Africa

Stars: 5/5
Author: Craig & Julie (United Arab Emirates)
Visited: August 2018

Everything was well organised and well communicated. So much so we need to reconsider our definition of ‘African timing’.

Best trip ever! Perfect planning from Journeys Discovering Africa

Stars: 5/5
Author: Holly (United States)
Visited: July 2018

BEST trip ever! We are fortunate to be able to travel a lot due to our line of work and we always plan fairly independently. However, Africa was proving to be very tough to plan independently, so we enlisted Patrick from Journeys Discovering Africa. He was awesome. He listened to what we were seeking, presented options with good details on each option, and is actually the reason we ended up seeing the wildebeest migration! My husband really wanted to see that, and once Patrick learned that, he suggested pushing out our travel dates by a few weeks for maximizing chances. He was excellent in his attitude and advice and expertise. Even if we hadn’t seen The Great Migration it would have been a phenomenal and best trip, but the great migration was icing on the cake!

Our guides, (Raphiele for Tarangire and Ngorongoro) and Jairo (for Serengeti and Lamai Serengeti) were fantastic! Raphiele was our guide up until we went to the Serengeti, and he was great: energetic, enthusiastic, respectful of nature, got us up and out very early, fun to hang out with, good attitude, and very knowledgeable about the animals and behaviour and finding the good spots. Same goes for Jairo… he really knows the Serengeti! It was fantastic to be with him: he literally found us amazing sightings with no other people around … and he knew how to get us into the heart of the migration and was spot on for timing with the wildebeest crossings, which we witnessed in full! It was absolutely surreal and incredible to witness, both thrilling and heart-wrenching. I’ve never seen anything like it, and never will again. Just a once in a lifetime.

Journeys Discovering Africa, First Time Safari, African Safari, Wildlife Safari, Safari 2019

© Patrick Shah

Jairo was also really good about being super respectful to the animals and nature. He really knew how to give the animals enough space that we weren’t totally encroaching or making the animals wary. He knows animal behaviour very well and was so good about explaining it. He just knows so much about the Serengeti, it was obvious he knew how to survey the land, and what circumstances were happening that suggested what animal was nearby. He had an incredible instinct and eye for detail. We really appreciated that he let us witness some amazing sites (lion feedings etc.) but he also didn’t do things that would make the animals skittish, so we got to enjoy watching and photographing without being disruptive. Nomad really was the perfect outfitter for us, from guides to lodging and the people hosting at the lodges. We loved it. We really felt like we had the “best guides ever” :).

We absolutely will touch base with Journeys Discovering Africa again for a future trip we hope we are able to do (Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, etc.) in a few years, should we be so fortunate. And I’ve already recommended Journeys Discovering Africa to friends who saw my posts on social media and started asking who we planned our trip with. You really nailed it for us with Nomad as guides/lodging and the itinerary, thank you so much! Special thanks to Patrick at Journeys Discovering Africa, and to Raphi and Jairo from Nomad!

We just had an amazing trip to Rwanda, everything was perfectly prepared & chosen

Stars: 5/5
Author: Anja & Paul (German)
Visited: March 2018

Thanks to the team who helped us to organise a perfect short trip to Kigali and the Volcanoes Mountains in Rwanda. We were very happy about the service and the whole trip. We just had an amazing time and we come back – for sure!

Uganda, safari, chimpanzee-, rhino- & gorilla trekking

Stars: 5/5
Author: K+R (Switzerland)
Visited: February 2018

We were absolutely happy with Journeys Discovering Africa. Their whole staff was amazing and Patrick set up a great programme for our honeymoon in Uganda. We can really recommend to book your trip with them, it was perfectly organized and nothing to complain about! We felt very safe all the time and had our best experiences with them!

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