Uganda – The best place for a wildlife safari in Africa

November 12, 2015

Recently National Geographic released their list of the top 10 places in the world to see wildlife and Uganda was the only the African country featured.

Bwini Impenetrable Forest

“The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to roughly half the 750 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild. Expect thick jungle, a lot of sweat, and then the miracle of going eye to eye with the very deep gaze of a watchful silverback.”National Geographic


Uganda has risen up from its dark history and is starting to make quite the name for itself as an African tourist destination. After all, the country has a lot to offer. Despite being relatively small in size, Uganda boats some pretty big attractions, such as Africa’s tallest mountain range and largest lake on the continent. The country is also hailed as being one of the best primate destinations in the world with 13 diurnal and 6 nocturnal primate species. The Kibale and Budongo forests in particular, are well-known as being the best places in the world for wild chimp encounters.

Kigezi Highlands

Besides its large mountain gorilla and wild chimpanzee population, Uganda is one of the continent’s best birding destinations. With just under half of Africa’s total sighting list, Uganda is 4th on the list of African countries with the most species, surpassed only by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania (which are all much larger countries). This beautiful country also has a number of savannah game parks, such as the Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Parks, which are home to the Big 5, making it an amazing country for wildlife sightings as well.

On top of its wildlife prospects, Uganda also offers a unique combination of landscapes ranging from great forests to the west, savanna to the east, desert to the north and vast scrubland to the south. Not to mention 5 huge lakes, a Rift Valley, a few volcanoes, 3 UNESCO World heritage sites and a good chunk of the Nile River. All of this makes Uganda an excellent adventure destination. Popular tourist activities in Uganda include white water rafting down the Nile, hiking in the Kigezi highlands of south western Uganda and climbing the Rwenzoris.

Rwenzori mountains

With all that to boast, it’s little wonder that this place leaves visitors in awe.

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