We Welcome Our Most Mature Clients to Date!

July 1, 2011

We have just come back from safari with our oldest clients to date. In June, Sally and Lyle Roberts – both 82 years old – enjoyed a packed itinerary, which saw the hardy duo hiking through the jungles and forests of Uganda in pursuit of primates, looking out for tree-climbing lions and spotting an abundance of new bird species they had never seen before.

The couple were well looked after, with two guides who navigated their way across rough terrain and particularly managed to impress the pair by pointing out five different primate species within 30 minutes in Kibale Forest National Park!

On returning home from their trip, Sally stated, “From the last set of hugs from Male and Joseph when we flew back from Bwindi and our time with the gorillas, our entire trip was fantastic… I would be happy to recommend you to any future travellers, mature or immature! Thank you for your great care.”

It just goes to show that the golden ‘age’ of safari hasn’t gone out of fashion yet…

Posted by Patrick Shah

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