Why your next family holiday should be a safari

March 22, 2016



Kids these days are always on their phones, their tablets or those darn computers.

When you’ve got four years olds with more tech–savvy knowledge than most adults and access to endless information and entertainment online, how on earth does one capture their attention and spark their imagination again? This is problem that so many parents find themselves facing and one which we have a very simple solution to…

One the best way to get your kids ‘unplugged’ and engaged with life again, is a family safari.

Africa is a world of its own and the perfect destination for families in needs of a little adventure and bonding time. We actually cannot overstate how fantastically fun-filled a family safari can be and yet this option is so often overlooked.

Africa is the wildlife capital of the world and boasts some of the most breath-taking scenery and landscapes. Getting up-close with wild animals in their natural environment is a life-changing experience for anybody and bound to leave one with a much deeper understanding of wild animals and their own impact on Earth. On top of gaining a deeper appreciation for nature, families can learn about African cultures, traditions, history and authentic cuisine. There will be numerous opportunities to interact and engage with the local people and get a glimpse into the lives of different people, cultures and ways of living.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do safari lodges have age limits for children?

A: While some safari lodges don’t allow children, there are many that have no age limit at all and welcome families with open-arms!

Q: Will my children be safe?

A: Absolutely! In fact, safari lodges are among some of the safest places on earth in terms of crime and safety is an absolute priority on all of our safaris.

Q: Do children have different passport and visa requirements?

A: Not at all, the regulations are the same as for adults.

Q: Are there any activities that my children can do without me?

A: Yes! Most safari lodges have an extensive list of activities for guests to enjoy and experience while on safari. Some of the ‘kid-friendly’ activities that children can enjoy without their parents are guided bush walks, craft making and other nature-orientated activities.

So what are you actually waiting for? Book your family safari with us to make family memories that will last a lifetime!

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