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February 12, 2016

One of our favourite African animals pose for the camera with toothy grins as we take some time to get to know them better…

Picture an Alsatian…with spots and ears the size of satellites. That’s basically a wild dog. Don’t worry if you’ve never seen one though, they’re pretty rare and seeing them in the wild in an incredibly special occasion. Everybody loves seeing leopards and lions while on safari, but these guys often get overlooked even though they are currently one of the most endangered mammal species.

So without wanting to start a ‘dog lovers vs. cat lovers’ fight, we thought we’d take a moment to shine the spotlight on Africa’s painted dogs. Here are a few of our favourite wild dog photos:


 A wild dog relaxing while keeping a watchful eye out.

Wild dogs sleep for most of the day and hunt in packs at nights. Packs can range insizesfrom 2 – 50 dogs but there are usually around 8 – 10 dogs in a pack. This photo was taken near at Mchenja Bush Camp, a rustic safari camp on the banks of the Luangwa River. Stay here on our Zambia Premier Tour.


Cheeky wild dogs with eyes too big for their stomachs!

This buffalo was simply not having any it. Wild dogs usually hunt small animals, with their favourite prey being impala, but every now and then will try their luck with something a little, or in this case, a lot larger than them. This photo was taken near Robin Pope Safaris’, Nkwali Camp. Stay here on our Zambia Adventurer Tour.


Baby wild dogs!

Pups are usually born during mid-winter in Southern Africa and are safe-guarded in a den (usually an abandoned aardvark hole) until they are strong enough to come out.  This photo was taken at Khwai Tented Camp in Botswana. Stay here on our Botswana Highlights Tour.


My, what big ears you have!

Wild dogs’ large ears provide them with an acute sense of hearing which helps then when hunting down prey. They are also just downright adorable! This photo was taken at Jock Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Stay at this lodge on our South Africa Explorer Tour.

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